Mess Free | 4 Projects

$169.00 + tax


You want to create from home with us, but without the risk of making a mess on your beautiful carpet? We get it! Art can get messy, which we love, but that’s easier done in our studio than in your home! 

        1. Week 1: Spring Paper Tole and Oven-Bake Clay Family Portrait inspired by Grandma Moses's love of Family celebration in art! (9"x12" canvas board) 1 class, 2 hours.
        2. Week 2: Inspired by M.C Escher we will work on Sketchbook Drawing Exercises: Composition, Shading & Optical Illusions using including a 4Cats sketchbook, 2 sets of awesome Ditto markers, and pencil crayons. 1 class, 2 hours.
        3. Week 3: Oven-Bake Clay Spring House and Tealight sculpture inspired by Hokusai's love of Cherry Blossoms. 1 class, 2 hours.
        4. Week 4: Sketchbook, Pencil and Pencil Crayon Invention Drawing inspired by the genius of Leonardo da Vinci. 1 class, 2 hours
        1. Tutorial videos guide the student step-by-step through the 4 projects. 
        2. Watch our class videos whenever you want :) Kids can create at their own pace, pause, and rewatch! Art supplies included. There are a few basic home supplies you will need like a pencil, paper, and a few others. We will send you a list! 
        1. No refunds, credits, or exchanges. We cannot guarantee supplies are 100% mess free.