In Monet's Garden Online Class & Artist Kit


Monet's paintings dazzle with colour, light and love of nature!

Includes 6 hours of video class tutorials and bonus Claude Monet 4Cats Print Book! 

Free kit delivery! Please allow 7 days for delivery. Canada Post is busy! :) 

What Are The Projects?
  • Project 1: Koi Charcoal Drawing using charcoal and kneadable eraser inspired by Monet's Pond in Giverney, France. Learn the subtraction method and shading using charcoal. 1 class, 2 hours
  • Project 2: Bridge Painting inspired by Monet's love of nature! (14"x14" acrylic on stretched canvas) Paint your version of Claude Monet’s famous Bridge painting. Take inspiration from the beauty of nature and Monet’s Impressionist style by using quick brush strokes to capture light and perspective. 1 class, 2 hours. 
  • Project 3: Paint Pouring Oven-Bake Clay Pond Diorama inspired by Monet's Koi pond. Dynamic and full of movement, paint pouring is unique from other forms of painting because it is fluid, shifting and changing in beautiful and surprising ways as you work. Mix together a combination of acrylic paint and a liquid vitreous medium to pour across wooden panel. Create your Ditto oven-bake Koi sculptures and Lily pads to add to your Monet inspired pond.  1 class, 2 hours.
Monet Facts
  • Monet had a great sense of humour, and loved making cartoons of his friends and teachers.
  • Monet's garden in Giverny is so famous and beautiful that it's preserved to this day, just as Monet grew it. He considered it one of his masterpieces!
  • Monet helped develop “en plein air” (“in the open air”), a technique of painting outside and capturing the light by painting really fast!
  • He was a brave artist who painted for love. He said, “I would advise young artists to paint as they can, as long as they can, without being afraid of painting badly.”
How It Works
  • Tutorial videos guide the student step-by-step through the 3 projects. 
  • Watch our class videos whenever you want :) Kids can create at their own pace, pause, and rewatch! Art supplies included. There are a few basic home supplies you will need like a pencil, paper, and a few others. We will send you a list! 

No refunds, credits, or exchanges. *We are using acrylic paint, vitreous medium and charcoal. These are not washable. Please make sure to do this in a spot where mess is ok. Wear really old clothes too!

* Copyright 2020. Not for commercial, school, or paid program use without authorization


Please choose if you have your own brushes to use at home, or if you would like to borrow a couple of ours. You will need one larger brush (size 8 -12) and one smaller brush for details. Please return the brushes to your closest studio when done (return instructions to come!)